NORDISK acquires PAOTY format, Portrait Artist of the Year Norway airs this spring

The format for Portrait Artist of The Year was recently bought by Nordisk in Norway and is due to transmit on their biggest channel, NRK, later this year. One of the Executive Producers of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year, Danielle Graham, visited the set this year to advise the production team on the format.


Nordisk's version of Portrait Artist of The Year follows the format very closely but adapts it slightly to mirror the Danish version of the series, which travelled all over the country, and selected two artists, rather than one, to go through to the semi-final. The Danish company Mastiff bought the format back in 2015 and it ran for four series. The format for Landscape Artist of The Year was bought by Blue Ant in Canada back in 2019, and Landscape Artist of the Year Canada premiered on Makeful and CBC in 2020.