Landscape Artist of the Year

Story Vault | Independant Television Production | London

Once again this year’s series took us to many corners of the UK – including the seafront at sunny Blackpool (which turned out not to be so sunny) via busy race days at Royal Ascot, to Northern Ireland to paint at the filming location of the Games of Thrones.  The seven semi-finalists demonstrated their skills in capturing their own images of the monumental Thames Barrier in east London, and then the three finalists were transported to the weird and wonderful Portmeirion on the coast of Wales.  The eventual winner was commissioned by the Queen’s House at the National Maritime Museum to travel to Holland to paint a tribute to the Dutch masters the Van Der Veldes.


Being highly visible and public, the Landscape Artist of the Year production format allows the broadcaster to have a high-profile presence around the country – exciting interest and curiosity among large crowds wherever it goes.  Like “Portraits” the format also gives a huge and welcome boost to hundreds of struggling artists, and leaves a lasting legacy through the final commissioned paintings.   Artworks commissioned by the series are currently on exhibition or in the collections of the National Trust, the National Maritime Museum, the Imperial War Museum, among many others.


For more information about Landscape Artist of the Year, visit Sky Arts Artist of the Year.


Works of art produced by many of our artists are for sale via Artist of the Year: Gallery.